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  • Feb 2014 Zhangjiagang Yangtze River Potable Water Source Quality Auto-monitoring Station
  • Dec 2013 Sichuan Main Environmental Monitoring Water Auto-station Upgrade Procurement
  • Dec 2013 Water Quality Auto-monitoring System Around Chaohu River DBO Bidding
  • Nov 2013 Renovation Project of Suqian Gate Water Quality Auto-monitoring Station Project
  • Oct 2013 Haianzhangguo Water Station Instrument Renewal
  • Oct 2013 Supplemental Contract of the Henan Surface Water(Phase I)
  • Oct 2013 Henan Surface Water Quality Auto-monitoring Ability Construction Project(Phase I)
  • Sep 2013 Henan Surface Auto-monitoring Ability of Heavy Metals Construction Project
  • Sep 2013 Henan Surface Auto-monitoring Ability of Heavy Metals Construction Project
  • Aug 2013 Jilin Small Rivers Hydrological Monitoring System Construction Project Phase II
  • May 2013 Jincheng Environmental Monitoring Centre Water Quality Auto-monitoring System
  • May 2013 Huanglishu Reservoir Water Monitoring System Instrument & Facilities Procurement
  • May 2013 Beijing Environmental Protection Centre Strengthening Monitoring Capacity Project
  • May 2013 Jilin Small Rivers Hydrological Monitoring System Construction Project in 2012
  • May 2013 Jiangxi Water Monitoring System in Functional Area Construction Project in 2012
  • May 2013 Operation & Maintenance Project of Xiaoshan Surface Water Quality Auto-monitoring
  • Apr 2013 Huadian Large Screen Display System & Computer Network Procurement
  • Apr 2013 Huadian Potable Water Sources Monitoring System
  • Apr 2013 Zhejiang Surface Water Transfer Section Monitoring System Project Procurement(Pack I)
  • Apr 2013 The Surface Water Auto-monitoring Operation & Maintenance Project in Jinhua District
  • Apr 2013 Huiji River City Control County Community Construction Project in Kaifeng Area
  • Mar 2013 Suzhou Xiangcheng District Water Auto-monitoring Operation & Maintenance Project
  • Mar 2013 Huadian Water Monitoring Centre LSD System & Computer Network Project
  • Mar 2013 Huadian Water Monitoring Centre Potable Water Monitoring System Procurement
  • Feb 2013 Operation & Management of 115 Provincial Water Auto-monitoring Stations in Taihu
  • Feb 2013 Songliao Auto-monitoring Station Equipment Procurement & Integrated Installation
  • Jan 2013 Weihe Basin Water Auto-monitoring System Reconstruction Project in Shanxi
  • Jan 2013 Yuhang District Water Auto-monitoring System Construction Project
  • Oct 2012 13 Newly Built Water Quality Auto-monitoring Stations in Weihe Basin
  • Oct 2012 Water Auto-monitoring Station of Huanghuajing Section of Jinghang Canal in Suzhou
  • Oct 2012 Zhangjiagang Concerning Yangtze River Potable Water Auto-monitoring Station
  • Sep 2012 Pingyao Waterworks et al Water Intakes Water Quality Monitoring System Engeering
  • Sep 2012 Yuhang Wangjiabu Water Quality Auto-monitoring Reconstruction Project
  • Aug 2012 Operation & Maintenance Project of Hangzhou Surface Water Auto-monitoring Station
  • Aug 2012 Operation & Maintenance of Beijing Surface Water Auto-monitoring System(Phase I)
  • Jul 2012 The Parts Replacement of Zhejiang Provincial Surface Water Auto-monitoring Station
  • Jun 2012 Jiangxi Provincial EPA Water Quality Auto-monitoring Station Procurement (Pack I)
  • May 2012 Qinhuangdao River Water Auto-monitoring Station Construction Project Bidding III
  • May 2012 Yiwu Yankou Reservoir Buoy Water Auto-monitoring Station Equipment Procurement
  • May 2012 Taihu Central Water Auto-station & Quality Control Inspection Instrument (Pack V)
  • Apr 2012 Full-managed Operation of Nantong Lujinggang & Honggang Waterworks Auto-station
  • Apr 2012 Kunshan Water Quality Auto-station Biological Toxicity & Heavy Metals Instrument
  • Feb 2012 Bid Winning of Suzhou Wuzhong District Water Auto-station Integrated Project
  • Jan 2012 Bid Winning of Operation & Maintenance of Xiangcheng Water Station

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