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About us


      Beijing SysTek Orient Environmental Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd(SYSTEK) was founded in 2002 September, the registered capital of 60 Million Yuan. We are high-tech product development, sale, transfer, consulting, training, environmental information system integration, environmental engineering as the main high-tech enterprises and national key "Double soft" enterprise, specializing in the field of environmental protection (digital information related) software development, system integration, optimization solutions and advanced equipment, provide the environment monitoring required customer service , product upgrading and maintenance. 

      The company's core business includes: surface water quality automatic monitoring system, environmental quality management information system, online monitoring system of pollution source and environmental monitoring analysis of four aspects of equipment sales, annual sales of over 100 million yuan. The company with strong technical strength and a number of the pursuit of career dedicated professionals, with international advanced technology, maintain close technical cooperation with the most excellent enterprise, is currently the largest Chinese automatic online water quality monitoring system integrators and operators, and strive to do the best China "digital environmental protection experts" and "water security expert". The company through the technology accumulation and technology innovation, in the automatic online monitoring system of surface water quality in business, has become the industry standard setting expert.


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